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Pip supplies Magwitch with food and a file to help him in his escape. At this point in the story Magwitch is a frightening figure often compared to a hunted animal. Magwitch is recaptured and is transported to Australia so he disappears from the novel for quite a while. Essay on Pip's Relationship with Magwitch in Great Expectations. 3097 Words 13 Pages. How does Dickens use Pips relationship with Magwitch to interest the reader?. After meeting with Pip for the first time, Magwitch begins to desire many expectations for Pip. At the beginning of Dickens ’s novel, Magwitch—an escaped convict—ambushes Pip in a graveyard and forces him to steal food and a file to cut the shackles from the boy’s uncle and sister. As a way of thanking the boy later on, Magwitch anonymously gives Pip his considerably large life’s savings.

Magwitch knows that Pip lives with a blacksmith, so he can tell this lie without anyone suspecting it. Pip was worried that Magwitch assumed he had reported him to the law, but Magwitch’s lie indicates that Magwitch knows Pip isn’t responsible for his recapture. Magwitch, as a young man, is what Joe would have been if Joe had been ruled by his passions and reacted to life instead of taking responsibility for his choices. Magwitch is another father figure for Pip, showing both what happens with bad choices and how you can rise above. Magwitch does not forget Pip's kindness in the marshes, and later in life devotes himself to earning money that he anonymously donates to Pip. Eventually, Magwitch comes to London to see his 'gentleman,' and after Pip's shock and shame wear off, the two become. Although Pip's becoming a gentleman may never have been possible without Magwitch's generosity, he almost appears offended by the common, and vulgar behavior of his benefactor. Magwitch, on the other hand, is delighted to have finally had the opportunity to reveal himself to Pip, and cannot control his emotions, exclaiming, Look'ee here, Pip. Get an answer for 'What is Pip's relationship with Magwitch? ' and find homework help for other Great Expectations questions at eNotes.

What dose pip buy for magwitch? We need you to answer this question! If you know the answer to this question, please register to join our limited beta program and start the conversation right now! Register to join beta. Related Questions. Asked in Great Expectations. Pip goes on to tell him that she is a beautiful lady and that he, Pip, was in love with her. Pip has found this information out, as Wemmick told him Molly's story and he recognized her to be Estella's mother. With a last pressure on Pip's hand, Magwitch dies a good and very content man. When Magwitch returns, Pip is first ashamed of him, but then grows to care about him. Dickens presents the relationship between Magwitch and Pip as complicated, starting from when Pip was a small boy and Magwitch was a convict. As Pip becomes a gentleman, he grows to resent everything about where he came from. He is too good for his former life.

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